marketing minded * design inspired * creatively driven

marketing minded
Creative marketing professional with strong, well-rounded advertising, account management and consumer promotion experience spanning consumer packaged goods, financial services and print media. I believe innovative thinking is key and demonstrate a strong insight for strategically positioning brands along with savvy budget navigation, to invite brand success. Identifying the target audience, pinpointing ideal timing, harnessing unique marketing design and planning for an engaging campaign drives results. I have a thirst for new challenges, team success and brand building opportunities and believe engaging and developing the team creates an atmosphere of growth, energy and great work.

design inspired
My career experience has honed my eye for art direction and my vision for problem solving through promotional solutions, strategic direction and a multi-platform go-to-market strategies.  I believe marketing solutions are often found within the confines of visual appeal, balance and symmetry.  A strong marketing plan that stays true to the goals of the brand, the personality of the consumer and the reigning look of the creative is a successful plan.

creatively driven
I believe great creative sticks with the audience and drives sales and brand success.  Succeeding with creative builds brand awareness and engages consumers as dedicated brand ambassadors.  Creative cannot just be good, it must be engaging, brand-aligned, and visually sound.  I strive for visual problem solving within creative elements and feel it is as vital as brand essence.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for career details:
LinkedIn Profile


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